Christy Freeleagus: Prince of commerce

4 thoughts on “Christy Freeleagus: Prince of commerce”

  1. My older sister used to talk about meeting her friends for coffee at Christies,when I was a little girl, and to a 9 year old living in the then ‘big old country town’ of Brisbane, this sounded just magical. Later, in the mid 1960’s when I became a teenager I also went to Christies for coffee and the special granitas, I can taste their fruity, icy smoothness even now….. we thought this was just so sophisticated. I have a vivid memory of a boyfriend buying me a chocolate bunny rabbit on Easter Saturday night from the glass fronted cabinet at the entrance of the cafe (trying to sweeten me up I guess, did it work??). A friend of mine, a writer like myself, had her first date with her future husband at Christies. Sadly, he has since passed away. My friend wrote a poem about this very special meeting there, and I’ve always remembered the beautiful imagery of that poem.


    1. What priceless recollections Adele! Thank you for posting. It is interesting that the shop evolved for you as you grew up. It’s worth noting that the Christie’s to which these memories relate would be Christos Stahtoures’ shop rather than any of Christy Freeleagus’s shops. You can read about Christie’s Cafe in an earlier post – The Cloudland of Queen Street.


  2. I remember Christies in Queen Street in the late 1960’s – they had the best sandwiches , and the cheapest in town – important for impecunious articled clerks ! There was always a queue at lunchtime , but the ladies could make sandwiches to order with almost magical speed . I also recall occasionally venturing to the more formal upstairs part , where a good steak and chips could be secured .


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