Snapshot of Greek Café Shelves: Stocking up in the 1920s

2 thoughts on “Snapshot of Greek Café Shelves: Stocking up in the 1920s”

  1. What elegantly dressed waitresses in their cafe caps, and blue and floral uniforms. I wonder what type of shoes they wore. Are there any pictures? Today the young waitresses often wear sandshoes. I don’t think the obvious high standards of the Greek proprietors would approve. Another comment: My neighbour remembers enjoying milkshakes in the 1950s at Theo’s at Moorvale (Moorooka). He was such a gentleman, she told me. (Ailsa Rolley)


  2. Thanks for your comments Ailsa. Some of those shops at Moorooka look like they’ve been there quite a while; I can almost guess which one might have been Theo’s. The four waitresses in duck-egg blue and floral uniform worked at the Regal Cafe in Ipswich. They presented this photograph to one of the proprietors, Jimmy, with their love. I can just imagine them angling for a uniform, designing it, choosing the fabrics, and having it made. I’m sure they were pleased with the result. The uniform is unlike any others I have seen frorm the 1930s and 1940s. Keep the memories coming Ailsa.


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