The Palmos Family: Seven shops in thirty years

6 thoughts on “The Palmos Family: Seven shops in thirty years”

    1. It’s not easy in these days of eating out to remember what it was like for dinner at a restaurant to be a rare and quite special occasion. The Colony Club was a cutting edge restaurant in its day.


  1. In the late 60’s as a student at The College of Art, then located within the Botanical Gardens it was not uncommon for a troupe of fellow art students to abscond to the tempting environs of Brisbane inner city and explore. When we were flush we would head to the Palms and position ourselves in one of those booths and drink malted milks. When budget permitted I would indulge in the best cheesecake that I have ever eaten. Rum and chocolate based baked cheesecake – I can almost taste it now and have never found one to surpass it.


    1. Thank you for these memories Wendy. Milkshakes were one of the most popular menu items in Greek cafés, and huddling in those cubicles is a strong memory of camaraderie or intimacy for many people. I wonder when cheesecake became regular café fare. My grandmother used to make it in the 1960s but I don’t remember it being readily available elsewhere. It was possibly part of the late 1950s/1960s ‘Continental’ culinary revolution.


  2. Hi Toni – love that you are exploring this aspect of our Australian/local history. I have fond memories as a young 15 yr old dropping into a Greek café across from Anzac Square in Adelaide Street in Brisbane. A regular milkshake treat on my way home from evening `typing/shorthand’ classes at Commercial Business College (now QUT Gardens Pt Campus). Wondering if the attraction was the handsome young greek lad who didn’t even know my name – yet occasionally declared his love for me along with serving the yummy milkshake. How many other young ladies had the same experience? Anyone remember the name of that Greek Café?


  3. My Uncles had cafes in Brisbane and St George in Western Qld, they migrated to Australia in the mid 20’s. My Dad had a fish and chip shop with friends for 20 years in Mt Gravatt then Albion from the 60’s-70’s. Other friends of my parents and also cousins had milk bars and cafes in Brisbane. I remember spending weekends at my Dads Fish and Chip shop in Albion making myself milkshakes, eating lollies and chips and playing Space Invaders and Pinball. Those were the days… I’d love to get in touch and put you in contact with my relatives and friends!


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